A provider of on-site assessments, data-driven recommendations and performance evaluations for online motors, EECO was seeking assistance with digital marketing to bolster lead generation, improve their digital presence and fine-tune lead conversion funnels. Access Marketing Company provided solutions to these needs and much more.


Before working with AMC, EECO faced a variety of challenges centered aro und their website experience and visual brand. Their limited in-house staff needed the resources to address multiple front- and back-end issues that were threatening the site’s security, upkeep and overall user experience.

Despite having a massive content library, EECO also lacked a design staff that could help amplify their content assets with a cohesive branding language. As a result, their content often went underutilized and lacked a consistent visual style across different channels.



AMC set out to optimize EECO’s entire visual presence starting at their website. Not only did we address site security issues and day-to-day maintenance, but we also teamed with the EECO leadership staff to devise an entirely new user experience geared toward specific customer personas and service verticals. This customer-focused UX design was driven by a new sitemap and redesigned blog page that showcased EECO’s rich array of thought leadership content.



In addition to shoring up website security and decreasing site load time, AMC also made day-to-day website management easier for EECO’s small in-house team. Fresh content could be added to the blog in no time and routine web maintenance was completed seamlessly, ensuring the site was always operating at peak power.

These back-end website upgrades went hand-in-hand with boosts on the front-end. A newly-established branding language meant EECO had a better way of engaging prospects and promoting thought leadership across online and print channels. EECO’s upgraded blog page was even nominated for a leading industry award.

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