A subsidiary of long-time client NEF, FiberLocator was initially seeking a marketing partner that could help the company broaden its appeal as a telecom software company. Managing a database of hundreds of carrier maps and hundreds of thousands of lit buildings, FiberLocator’s dense telecommunications database needed to be accessible to network planners and carriers using the tool.

Access Marketing Company’s support of FiberLocator included not just promoting the tool and managing the company’s brand, but also design elements of the user interface itself. With AMC’s support, FiberLocator has generated a strong, dedicated user base and marketed itself as an awareness tool for carriers seeking to put their network right in front of the eyes of network planners and decision-makers.


FiberLocator was born out of necessity. NEF, a long-time AMC client and one of the nation’s leading telecom consulting firms, needed an easier way to research maps and evaluate networks, so they developed their own proprietary research tool. The rest of the industry soon caught on to how useful this new way of sourcing map and carrier data was and wanted to use it themselves. Just like that, FiberLocator was born. That’s when AMC’s work started. The new product needed a ground-up strategy and comprehensive tactics for introducing the world to FiberLocator.



Launching a product from scratch is a multi-phase process. AMC began by shaping the FiberLocator brand, which went well beyond the product’s visual style. The process involved persona research, messaging development and heavy brand coordination with FiberLocator’s parent company, NEF. After that, the real marketing work started. AMC’s efforts to establish FiberLocator as the number one telecom research tool on the market have spanned a collection of strategic tactics, including content development, marketing automation, email marketing, digital advertising and more.



FiberLocator is widely-recognized as one of the most seamless and intuitive tools for sourcing map, carrier, lit building and fiber data around. Working together, NEF and AMC have generated thousands of FiberLocator users and made the product into one of NEF’s most successful and lucrative business units.

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