Customer Loyalty Programs

As today’s markets consolidate and become increasingly competitive, and as buyers become more sophisticated and demanding, customer references and customer loyalty programs gain even greater importance. But many customer programs are stuck in outdated thinking, and that could be significantly holding your company back.




(It is 6-7x more expensive to get a new customer than it is to retain an existing one)


Evolve to Meet Today’s Challenges

Traditionally, customer satisfaction and loyalty have been used to drive positivity among customers, so when customers’ stories and experiences were shared with others, the discussions were favorable. But today that’s not enough. Instead, businesses need to go a step further to identify and cultivate customer advocates among their customer base. Customer advocates and customer references work on a company’s behalf to promote the brand, enhance its reputation and drive new business.

The team of customer experts at Access Marketing can help you:

  • Define, design, build and launch a customer loyalty, customer rewards, or customer reference program
  • Build and segment your customer database
  • Create customer reference collateral
  • Send relevant and meaningful communications to your customer and prospect base
  • Maintain your program and nurture your customer database

Enhance your existing customer program or create one from scratch. Either way – contact us today to get started!