Webinar Program Management

Free Webinar: Leverage Your Vertical!

Join our self-appointed in-house expert as he drones on about web 2.0 synergistic paradigm shifts in a global economy.   In this fascinating one hour session you will:

  • have difficulty logging into the webinar
  • witness every power point design mistake allowed in an hour session
  • realize how unprepared the speakers really are
  • feel like you sat through an infomercial
  • never buy a product or service from any person or company associated with webinar
  • swear to never attend another webinar again!


Don’t Let This Happen to You. Make Your Next Webinar Memorable and Effective


Webinars are a cost-effective and dynamic tool for marketing your business, service or product.  You can use them for personal one-on-one communication or leverage the technology to get your message out to hundreds of people at once.  You don’t want your first impression to be your last impression, so stop giving ho-hum webinars and start delivering high-impact sessions with real value to your prospects and customers.

Access Marketing will help accomplish just that.  From strategy, to marketing, to execution and follow-up, our team of webinar experts can help you get the most value from your next webinar.  We can design email invitations, tweak your subject lines, write the agenda and develop your landing page.  Does your topic lack focus?  What are the value adds of your webinar?  We can help you trim the fat from your content and deliver a meaty presentation chocked full of value goodness.

Do your power points lack pizazz?

Is your speaker a little too in love with bullet points?  We know what a great power point looks like and can guide you through proven instructional design methods and get the most out of your slide deck.  Avoid common power point mistakes and create a great presentation deck that not only wows during the live event, but will be wowing in the months to come as a great post-webinar resource.

You don’t want to sound like Ben Stein (Bueller . . ?) during the live event!

Let our experts help you give a dynamic sounding presentation that will engage your audience instead of your audience engaging their Facebook page.  What?  You don’t have a moderator for your event?  No problem!  We’ve got trained moderators who can assist you every step of the way.

And once the webinar is done . . . well you’re just getting started!

After the webinar, how do you keep the conversation going?  Access Marketing is already thinking of those “calls to action” that will keep the conversation going, engage these prospects and customers, and keep them moving through your funnel.  Even when a prospect misses a webinar, we can help you stream the recorded session from your site and deliver quality presentation materials to your audience.