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Are Your Campaign Cycles Taking Too Long?

It’s Time to Make Marketing More Efficient


It’s time…

Your current marketing campaign is up and running, but sand is dribbling through the hourglass faster and faster. Suddenly, it’s time to create THE NEW CAMPAIGN (dramatic music plays in the background).

So your team gathers around the conference table, armed with kombucha and chocolate, to discuss brilliant new ideas. You all walk away inspired, and with a long list of to-dos.

To get the campaign off the ground, here’s what you need:

• concept finalization                                                       • landing pages
• imagery and creative selection                                   • automated email programs
• copy, copy and more copy                                           • sales collateral
• emails                                                                              • direct mail
• video production                                                            • events
• social media posts and images                                  • search marketing


How much time does it take your team to complete this process?  If you say weeks or even months, you’re not alone.

As marketers, we hash and rehash, design and redesign, build, automate and document. By the time the baby is delivered, the entire team has campaign fatigue. The idea you once loved now manifests as eye rolls and stress dreams.  And everyone wants to know Why. Does. This. Take. So. Long?

Does it have to be this way?

Let’s play a little game here.

How long do you think it takes to build an airplane? I mean a genuine, people-fly-on-it, jumbo jet airplane. Six months? A year? Guess again.

On average: nine days.

Recently, I toured the enormous factory at Mega-Airplane manufacturer with my kids and husband.   There were seven planes lined nose to tail in various stages of production. The guide’s voice echoed throughout the space as she described how 14 airplanes roll off the line every month. 14 planes. A month.

If they can produce a major commercial vehicle to shiny, peanut-ready condition in that time frame, surely, we can develop and launch one marketing program in under a month.


Enter Agile Marketing. The idea was born in the software industry, where the need to plan, execute and deliver work more efficiently—especially when dealing with complex projects—is a persistent refinement process.


How it Works

Agile Marketing utilizes these key concepts to accelerate the creation and dissemination of marketing programs.

  • a self-organizing marketing team—everyone is accountable to the rest of team vs. to a manager
  • team works in short sprints (2 weeks is average) with concrete deliverables
  • deliverables are presented sooner and more frequently
  • progress is tracked visually to point up blockers and bring visibility to work progress
  • iterations/pivots occur as the production phase is still going on


The Result

Of those who use Agile methods, 30% report that it helps them release marketing work quicker, and 40% report increased productivity among their marketing team.

Additional benefits include:

  • manageable, well-timed deliverables
  • reduced stress on your internal teams
  • increased and improved motivation
  • more frequent engagement with the decision-maker, whether it’s your CMO, CEO or department head
  • faster shifts of direction and spend if needed


According to a 2018 report by Aprimo/Forbes, Agile Marketing is gaining popularity and adoption rates. 61% of traditional marketing teams report plans to utilize an Agile approach within the next year, and 37% of respondents already use the Agile tactics.

Agile Marketing is more than a fad—it’s the new marketing. Savvy businesses look for a way to do more and be more, all while keeping creativity top of mind. Speed-to-market and innovation are central to success in every industry. Marketing is no exception.

If you’re ready to fly your marketing plane sooner, you can hone your Agile prowess with any number of online resources.

Or, if it’s time to cut to the chase and talk to a full-service creative agency who understands the urgency and efficiency your business requires, we’d like to welcome you aboard our next flight to marketing nirvana. Reach out to us at 720-536-8650 or learn more at

Isn’t it about time?

Agile marketers are the ones who meet the challenge of delivering better brand experiences by getting the right content and campaigns … on time and on budget.

John Stammen—Aprimo

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