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Becoming a Marketing Beast: Daily Habits for a Marketing Pro

Marketing is everywhere, and those of us in the “biz” aim to get better, faster and smarter. But how do we achieve those goals and unleash our inner marketing beast?

The marketing industry has almost tripled in growth since 2010 due to the continual rise of content marketing and digital marketing tools, according to Inc. With so much growth expected, marketing professionals need to stay competitive. These simple tips can help you keep your marketing skills honed and become exceptional in such a competitive growing space.

  1. Keep up on marketing news daily  – As a “marketing beast”, you MUST exercise your creative mind daily no matter how busy you may be. Consider listening to a 30-minute industry podcast while you’re stuck in the morning traffic or polishing your creative skills on Lynda when you have some spare time.
  2. Network Outside of Work – Whether you are going to a cocktail party with fellow marketing professionals or attending an industry event, get out and network at least once a month. It is not only a great way to meet potential clients, employers or employees, but networking will also help you to connect with awesome people from different backgrounds. By getting to know other professionals, you can learn about latest trends in related industries, such as the “Internet of Things” or neuromarketing.
  3. Personal Presentation – Making a first good impression is paramount in an industry cognizant of branding. Take a little extra time to infuse a little extra confidence in the way you present yourself to your colleagues and business relations. Be brave and bold when the situation calls for it so people will remember what you can do.
  4. Rest When Needed – We all know how marketing life can be crazy and stressful sometimes, but it’s important to take a rest every once in a while to revitalize. Always plan ahead for some “down time”. Daily breaks can be a stop in a coffee shop, a walk outside or even a run on a treadmill if available. If you have to work weekends, take at least a little time away to spend with your family and friends.
  5. Expand Your Skillset – Doing the same tactics over and over again can be overwhelming, and you run the risk of burn out. Think outside the box and start a small creative project on the side, or learn a new skill and try to implement it at work. Keep things fresh and positive.


Being an ace among other marketing professionals requires the drive to keep upping your marketing game, and letting yourself lag while others move forward will only hurt your career. These simple tips can keep you on the right track in your professional life, and keep you abreast of any opportunities that may come your way.


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