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Guide to Businish – Overused Business Lingo

Businish (pronounced biznish) is a term for the business lingo language used by many content marketers to communicate with other businesses.
Here’s a quick run-down of some basic Businish terms and their usage.


Def. A placeholder for often when you wish to sound overly formal and conceited.
Usage: Marketers oftentimes choose the wrong audience to use Businish language.

Coupled with

Def. A replacement for “and” when you’ve decided to use a very very complex sentence. Usually used between non-living objects due to its somewhat confusing nature.
Usage: Digital tools coupled with a high-speed Internet connection can maintain an efficient business environment for a digital marketer aware of multiple inbound and outbound marketing strategies and techniques capable of convincing ambivalent customers of the benefits of utilizing both foreign and domestic investment criteria to ensure optimal decision-making.


Def. When you need to reference something that has to do with computers or the Internet, slap down “digital” as an adjective. (I’ve done this, and do this…but I’m very aware of the fact.)
Usage: The evolution of digital scissors has made the cut-and-paste option a must-have for digital operating systems.

Due to the fact that

Def. When “because” just doesn’t sound smart enough.
Usage: I don’t like to use “because” due to the fact that I don’t know what I’m talking about.


Def. The single most overused word in the English language. If you want to use an adjective that adds nothing to a piece, use “interesting”.
Usage: “It was interesting.”
Note: This could mean almost anything. For example, that sentence could be referencing a major disaster that displaced millions of people. Or it could be explaining someone’s reaction to using Microsoft Word for the first time. Both events are interesting.


Def. A word that has never actually been spoken out loud and only exists as business lingo.
Usage: Ruining the English language has never been easier than using it within the corporate environs.

There is, There are, It is

Def. Signs that any words that come immediately after are in passive voice and naturally won’t be very exciting.
Usage: There are potential uses of Businish that don’t get your audience very excited.
Know some other examples of terrible business lingo? Let us know in the comments.

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