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Co-Branding at Work in Reddit and Google’s New Series

In a collaboration which includes two of the heaviest hitters in the digital space, Reddit and Google are using co-branding to power a new video series targeted at entrepreneurs and business leaders.  The series, called “Formative”, includes brief interviews with various entrepreneurs chosen by the Subreddit Community. Featured initially are lesser-known entrepreneurs like Casey Neistat, founder of social video app Beme, and Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder of Affectiva, a company that’s developed mood-gauging technology on mobile. Robert Herjavec (of “Shark Tank” fame…) has also been featured, and names like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are on the radar as future “Formative” interviewees.
From a marketing stand point, there are a lot of things at play here…

The subtlety of co-branding

“Formative” is Reddit’s baby, but a collaborator and key player in the project is Google Cloud Platform. Despite Google’s power and influence in the digital space, it doesn’t use the “Formative” project as an opportunity to shamelessly plug its products or brand. Any co-branding is subtle (Reddit and Google logos are shown only briefly at the start of the video), putting emphasis on the content instead of the brand.

The power of collaboration

As they say, “Many hands make light work.” While Reddit and Google Cloud Platform are the powers behind “Formative”, digital agency Essence and consultancy Acres also were key contributors. With so many hands involved, the “Formative” collaboration is a shining illustration of how it CAN pay to have a number of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to marketing.

The benefit of targeting audiences

Google Cloud Platform certainly didn’t have to get in bed with Reddit on this project. Why did they? One word: audience. “Formative” is aimed at a very particular audience Google Cloud Platform wants to tap into – entrepreneurs. What better way to get quality, targeted content in front of potential leads than to sign on as a partner?
As opportunities to get in front of more audiences continue to present themselves, look for more collaboration and co-marketing opportunities to keep popping up between major brands in every space.

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