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Hiring Guide: How to Spot a Star Copywriter

It’s hard to find good talent. An excellent copywriter is not only skilled with the language, they are an expert in your products and services and a natural born marketer. Meaning, they understand the buy cycle and the psychology of the people moving through it. They can deliver messaging that acknowledges problems, alleviates concern and drives the solution.

From where I sit, there are two types of copywriters—writers who do marketing for a living and marketers who write for a living. Both can eloquently describe products and services and tailor it to a specific audience, but there’s a delicate balance that many copywriters miss. This balance is the key to spotting a rock star copywriter.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Louis Vuitton

When you’re hiring a new copywriter (or training your current team), it’s imperative to scrutinize style. Are your writers producing copy that’s defining your brand? Do they labor over each word to ensure precision?

How about description? A copywriter who describes a product as “exciting”, “innovative” or “unmissable” hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface. The overuse of buzzwords could indicate your copywriter skipped the research. Or, they might frankly lack the skills to describe the sensory experience of your products and services.

Consider the Plain Language Act

If you’re not familiar with the plain language act, it’s a law that requires federal agencies to use clear rhetoric the public can understand. And it makes sense. People should be able to comprehend legalities and government processes with transparent clarity.

Likewise, your customers should be able to easily understand your products and services.

Plain English is a great place to start for any content offer. While it can be restrictive, having the plain English law in the back of your mind is an essential reminder that the message needs to reach the audience– on their terms.


My previous points are somewhat contradictory, but it’s within this fusion that stellar copywriting comes to life. Language is functional. We use it to communicate a specific message to a particular party. Your star copywriter should be able to describe a product or service clearly with brand-defining flavor.

This is easier said than done. Effective copywriting requires not only a sound understanding of your products and services but the psychology of your buyers. What makes your potential customers tick? What kind of problems do they face? In the end, your copywriter must deliver messaging that motivates your buyers to act.

Ready to Find Your Star?

Take a moment to reflect on your copy team. Bear with me.

When you conduct an unbiased evaluation of what “type” of writing your marketing employs, what comes to mind?

Are you producing the right style or just promoting whatever hits the page? Maybe you’re wondering if you have the best writers on staff. Or, perhaps you’re searching for someone who understands your brand and services, but the samples that float across your desk all seem to fall flat.

We have useful copy resources on creating “awareness” and “thought leadership” Buzzword Bullshit series. That’s right, we’re debunking some of the most overused phrases in marketing to deliver solutions-focused copy. You’re welcome to share these snarky insights with your team.

If you’re considering supplementing your copy resources, we’d love to chat with you. Not to brag, but we have a savvy copy department that’s laser-focused on producing content that converts. From blogs to whitepapers, email campaigns to scripts, we’re ready to drive your content strategy to a win.

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