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How to Choose the Right Brand Design Agency the First Time

At Access Marketing Company, we have a team of design and content nerds who cannot stress the importance of branding enough, for branding is your company’s mood, it’s style, what sets it apart from the others – it’s the impression a prospective customer is left with after they encounter you…or your marketing. Although branding incorporates a whole lot more than your logo, the logo an integral piece of the puzzle. If you’re considering working with a brand design agency, here are the main checkpoints to keep in mind.

Stay Classy

“Classic” doesn’t mean boring or outdated. It means clean, sophisticated and to the point – instantly recognizable and understood…you know, classic. You want to create a brand design that holds up outside of this era. That means forgoing certain design trends that are so hot right now.

Match Your Brand Personality and Mission

This seems like a “duh” step for logo development, but you’d be surprised – there are a lot of logos out there that do not match what the company does. If you’re a dog grooming business, for example, then should there probably be a dog in your logo? Regardless of what you do, let your mission statement lead the way of your brand design. You don’t want your messaging to suffer from multiple personalities.

Distinctiveness is Key

Does your logo remind you of another brand? If so, that’s really bad. If you’re working with a skilled designer, this should not happen…

Why? Because a stellar designer is able to listen to your needs and add some “you” flavor to the mix. Do you like a funky font? Has there been an image that has stuck with you? Communicate that to your designer and watch them turn that usable material.

Less is More

When you’re considering font choice, color, lines and messaging, remember that less is more. Don’t believe me? Just look at the biggest brands—Google, McDonald’s, HBO, Apple, Amazon and a lot more—and you’ll see what we mean.


Ready to Work with a Brand Design Agency?

If you’re ready to work with killer designers who have helped develop, expand or refresh big-league brands *cough* (Malwarebytes,, Quiznos, PayPal), then call us today. We’re confident in our design skills, but we’re also personable. As a boutique agency, we’re able to devote the necessary time and effort needed to develop a classic logo AND an effective brand strategy. As a full-service agency, we can create a holistic strategy to elevate your brand to thought-leadership status. Contact us today.

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