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Make Your Next Webinar Memorable 

You don’t want your first impression to be your last. Avoid ho-hum webinars and deliver high-impact sessions with real value to your prospects and customers.

Chances are you’ve attended a webinar or two. If that’s the case, you’ve likely attended a bad webinar. Technology problems, nervous speakers, poor slide design and the inherent hurdle of engagement in a virtual setting all become contributing factors to ineffective webinars. It is easy to give a webinar. It isn’t so easy to give a great one. Strategically marketing your webinar is even harder.

When done well, webinars are cost-effective and dynamic tools for increasing brand awareness and marketing your business, service or products. They can be used for personal one-on-one communication or to get your message out to hundreds of people at once.

Access Marketing can help you execute a marketing webinar. From strategy, to marketing, to execution and follow-up, our team of expert strategists, copywriters and designers are here to help. We can refine your topic and identify its value points. From there we can design catchy email invitations tailored to your audience and a landing page that tracks invitees and viewers. Our services trim the fat from your content to deliver a meaty presentation chocked full of value goodness.

We Approach Webinars From All Sides, Offering Solutions That Ensure:

Your PowerPoints Have Pizazz

We know what a great PowerPoint looks like and can guide you through proven instructional design methods and get the most out of your slide deck. Avoid common power point mistakes and create a great presentation deck that not only wows during the live event but wows months after as a stellar post-webinar resource.

You Don’t Sound like Ben Stein (Bueller . . ?) During the Live Event

Let our experts help you give a dynamic sounding presentation that will engage your audience instead of your audience engaging their Facebook page. What? You don’t have a moderator for your event?  No problem! We’ve got trained moderators who can assist you every step of the way.

Once the Webinar Is Done . . . You’re Just Getting Started!

After the webinar, we can help you keep the conversation going? We’re already thinking of those “calls to action” that will engage prospects and customers and keep them moving through your funnel. Even when a prospect misses a webinar, we can help you stream the recorded session from your site and deliver quality presentation materials to your audience.

Learn How to Make Effective Webinars

Check out our white paper, Webinar Best Practices: A Guide to Webinar Strategy.


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