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Marketing Opinions Are Like A**Holes – Everyone’s Got One

LinkedIn market research
This “poll” was shared on LinkedIn, and I found it curious. A marketer was asking for opinions on a logo for a swimsuit brand. At first glance, it seemed like a fun way to solicit feedback and conduct some basic market research.

However, after combing through hundreds of votes, I got frustrated. This is what marketing and branding efforts in most companies have devolved into: a bunch of unqualified people giving uninformed opinions based on what THEY like. Well, newsflash: what if none of the commenters are part of the target audience?

Good marketing takes into account your branding, messaging, approach, visuals, etc. through the lens of your clients – not personal preferences or biases. At its most fundamental level, marketing is about your audience. It’s not about what you, your acquaintances or your bosses think is “fun” or interesting. Market research should never be conducted without your audience being active participants.

To be effective, marketing needs communication between client and company, and it’s a two-way street. By ignoring your audience, you have a one-sided conversation between you and yourself. That’s not how marketing works – and eventually your audience will find someone who does listen to them.

This week’s challenge: ask 10 clients what they think about your business from a sales and service delivery standpoint. Did you live up the promises you made during the sales process? Are your clients satisfied? What feedback can they give you that can shape your marketing and sales efforts moving forward? While the answers will help hone your own craft, being upfront and curious with those you have already worked with also shows a true willingness to take their concerns into consideration.

Get the conversation started and use these answers to make informed marketing efforts instead of using market research that relies on a group of people who don’t understand your audience.

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