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Reap the Rewards of Repurposing

If you are looking to improve the ROI on your marketing efforts you should look into a heavy repurposing strategy. Instead of devoting limited time and energy into creating a unique content piece, you can simply use old pieces in different ways.
There are four great ways to repurpose content: reordering, reformatting, reposition, and refurbishing. Each repurposing method has its own uses – it all comes down to identifying what your audience members need depending on their position in the funnel.


The easiest, most time-efficient method of repurposing content is nothing more than moving sections around and putting them into a different order. On the surface, this may not seem that effective. But your customers’ priorities may have changed over time – a future “food for thought” at the end of an article may now be a hot trend.


Have your click rates for a particular content piece, or type of content piece, fallen off a cliff? Your customers may just need the content to be presented differently – when you change the form, you change the reason someone would want to download a piece:

  • Take a whitepaper and turn it into an eBook for those seeking a less-formal take on a subject.
  • Comb through a guide and rip out key facts for an infographic.
  • Compile your blog posts and turn them into a guide or collection.

Changing the form affects the reasons someone may want to download a piece. Because all audiences are not made the same, you can repurpose pieces to meet the needs of each audience.


The goal of a reposition is not unlike that of a reformatting – change the piece so it resonates with a different audience. Instead of creating a fresh article to speak to a casual audience, simply take a professional, formal piece and make the language conversational. It all comes back to the idea that every lead that visits your website or engages your company will be different, and organizing enough content to speak to as many segments as possible increases your company’s attractiveness to its base.


Party like it’s 2009 again by updating an old posting with new statistics, analyses, trends, and thinking. Instead of going through the process of creating a fresh piece, you can just add new info to old content and keep it relevant. Regardless of the audience segment, your leads will want the latest and greatest pieces – delivering it doesn’t need to be hard, but you need to deliver it regardless.

Repurposing Lessens Your Load and Boosts Engagement

If you want a fast and useful way to keep your audience engaged, consider looking through your content archives for pieces to repurpose. A comprehensive content audit is a great first step you can take – focus on what you have and how it can become what you need, not what you currently lack.

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