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Taking Advantage of Marketing Micro-Moments

Recent event just happened, another recent event just happened, and it seems as if the planet’s most timely, relevant, and pertinent content is being tailor-fit for smaller and smaller screens – available to us at every micro-moment that makes up our day.
Smaller screens and smaller moments mean bite-sized opportunities for businesses to engage prospects. New age marketing can’t operate with a wide (the mass email blast) or short-sighted (the “we’re awesome” pitch) lens. Targeting efforts to reach audiences at the right moments should be the basis for any modern marketing strategy.

The “I-Don’t-Know-What-I’m-Missing” Moment

Whether it’s during the umpteenth trip to the mechanic or after another call to your computer guy to figure out what’s wrong with the desktop, we’ve all had those moments. Times of striking clarity when we’re suddenly convinced change needs to happen – and the right information usually brings us to that conclusion. For marketers, these are the moments to capture and develop new leads.
With targeted, empathetic consideration for when and how to reach prospects in their “I-Don’t-Know-What-I’m-Missing” moments, you’re better able to equip yourself with the marketing solutions to get potential leads looking for a change.

The “I’m-Ready-For-A-Change” Moment

Once prospects are convinced they’re ready to shop around, they’re like fish in the water. It’s your job to hook them with the values they’re looking for. Today’s mobile-friendly environment makes this more and more of a dynamic process. The key to catching those fish? Be where they’re most likely to notice you. Having smart search presence, updated social media accounts, engaging email copy, and mobile-optimized web content are great ways to increase your chances of getting leads’ attention when they’re ready to commit to a solution.
But awesome social media and web content won’t matter if it isn’t what your leads are looking for. Just because they’re in the water doesn’t mean they’re craving the bait on your line. What do they value? What kind of change are they looking for? Asking those questions at the start of the marketing process can help you fish with the most effective bait.

The “I’m-Ready-to-Buy” Moment

Do you know what will entice your leads into making a purchase? If you said yes, keep your secret to yourself because it could make you a billionaire. If you said no, join the club. No one has a full-proof solution for getting leads to convert. All you can do is be available when they’re ready to buy and make it easy for them to do so. This is why marketing and sales must work hand-in-hand when you’ve gotten leads to the bottom of the funnel and they’re looking to convert. Leaving leads cold and waiting to make a purchase or coming to them when they’re still having that “I-Don’t-Know-What-I’m-Missing” moment will throw off your timing and decrease your chances of monetizing your prospects.

Is Your Marketing Micro Enough?

It will be like fishing in an empty pond if you don’t have a marketing strategy to zero in on your leads’ micro-moments. What is valuable to them one moment may not be what they’re looking for in the next. It’s your job to join your leads in their specific micro-moments, engaging them with valuable content they’ll be most likely to follow down your funnel.

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