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Technical Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Technical marketing of all kinds, including marketing to engineers, carries its own set of challenges. Engineering is a difficult subject to understand, as it’s filled with jargon and technical descriptions. We’ve broken down the key tips and tricks for technical product marketing into three categories: communicate with engineers, target specific audience segments, and appeal to both on-the-floor and decision-maker pain points.

1. Talk with Engineers to Make Sense of the Jargon

To succeed in technical marketing, you need to understand the benefits of a product. But if you can’t get through the jargon, you’ll never be able to do that. Engineers can make sense of technical terms and information. After all, they came up with it. Don’t be afraid to talk with a subject-matter expert when marketing engineering services or technical products. Even if you end up using the technical terms, you could misuse a key term if you don’t understand the ins and outs of the process.

2. Marketing to Engineers and Businessmen – Segment Properly

Before you begin an email or targeted digital marketing campaign, be sure to segment your list as best as possible. When you get right down to it, engineers and businessmen have different expectations.

  • Give engineers the technical terms and info they want.
  • Spell out jargon in simple language for businessmen.
  • Send targeted messages with a marketing automation platform.

3. Target the Right Pain Points to Improve Your Technical Marketing

Marketing to specific segments goes beyond repurposing your materials. Engineers and businessmen have different pain points – problems they’re looking to address and solve. Don’t just change the language of your content marketing. Alter the entire message for each segment to improve your sales funnel.

  • Show business decision-makers how they can increase sales and cut costs.
  • Help engineers understand how they can improve the on-the-floor process.

Apply Different Technical Marketing Techniques for Each Segment

Marketing to engineers has less to do with jargon than it does with identifying and targeting the right segments. Deliver the goods to both engineers and business decision-makers – reposition your work and target the right pain points for each content piece.

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