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Telecom Marketing: Mixing Tech with Lead Gen Insight

When you get right down to it, telecom is one of the most exciting marketing arenas today. Telecom is at the forefront of worldwide innovation, and marketers get to play a big part in explaining why you should be excited about the way the world is changing. You just need to make the business case to your clients and show them why this “next big thing” is the real deal.

Break Down the Technical Jargon

Crafting great thought leadership content can be a great step for your business, but you have to remember your audience. IT professionals may know what you’re talking about, but they only represent a segment of your business.
Whether you’re discussing the cloud, a virtual private network, or the strengths and weaknesses of different service options, you need to break the information down so anyone can take something away from it. General audience members and business-side professionals, like CEOs and CFOs, need the technical details spelled out in a way that a Computer Engineering 101 student would understand.
Want to ensure the IT professional segment of the audience is getting the information it needs? Remember that you can always reposition your content for the IT professional segment of your audience and distribute them properly with a marketing automation platform.

“The Next Big Thing… for You”

Style doesn’t rule over substance in telecom. But when trendy buzzwords become a factor, people sometimes forget that fact. It’s gotten to the point where the cloud isn’t even a solution to business needs anymore – it’s just a hot-ticket buzzword that folks may not even truly understand.
Demonstrate your expertise by focusing on how “the next big thing” can help your customers’ business. Key pain points like cost reductions and service improvements tend to catch the eyes. Just put yourself in the shoes of that IT professional or CFO – what would you want if you were in their shoes?

Make Telecom Marketing as Exciting as the Solutions

Some of the brightest minds in the world today are working in telecom, creating the engine that drives worldwide innovation. So much of marketing telecom comes back to being optimistic about the future. Each trend is really a leap into the future – show your customers how the future will be bright for their business.

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