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Turn Message Targeting into a ‘Beautiful Game’

26 million Americans watched the 2014 World Cup Final. No matter what soccer-deniers say, the sport is popular in the U.S. But it hasn’t happened overnight.
Marketers can learn from the soccer saga in America. When you start your email marketing programs from zero you can’t expect to set the world on fire with engagements and conversions right away. It takes time. But by segmenting your audience and delivering the right messages to the right people, you can gradually start to see results. Here are a few message segmenting tricks you can steal from soccer’s entrance into American culture:

Nudge Prospects in the Right Direction

Soccer can thank video game magnate EA Sports for some of its American popularity. Through FIFA Soccer, EA didn’t pitch the sport. They pitched something of much more interest to the public – video games. And alas, thousands of gamers were turned into casual soccer fans.
This message targeting is genius. The lesson? Offer value and leads will follow, no matter where you got them from. Remember, great segmenting is about providing value to the audience you’re targeting, even when you have no idea if that audience is interested in your business.

Nurture Leads When They’re Young

Everyone loves value, especially when they’re young. Soccer is the second-most popular youth sport in country because parents know their kids gain valuable physical and mental benefits from it. That’s why your business should treat baby-fresh lead list segments as if the sky’s the limit.
Brand new leads sourced from downloadable forms or free trial signups will stick around as long as you keep nurturing them with relevant values. Content like how-to guides, tips and tricks messages, and blog posts are great places to start.

Make Your New Products Visible to the Masses

If soccer curmudgeons don’t know anything else about the sport, odds are they recognize two words: David. Beckham. Why? Because he’s much more than a soccer player. He’s a brand, and high-profile brands spark interest.
The marketing lesson from Mr. Posh Spice’s effect on American soccer is that you should use your messaging to develop and promote a brand personality that prospects and customers will come to identify your business with. You’ll go from being just another player in the email marketing game to a David Beckham, a brand that’s instantly credible and familiar in their minds.

Every Segment Loves a One-Time Offer

Think of the World Cup as the ultimate one-time offer. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait for long years to see it again. This illustrates why immediacy is such a valuable marketing tactic. Use it.
Whether your leads are at the top or bottom of your funnel, odds are a one-time offer that generates some urgency may just be the kick they need to convert.

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