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Audience and Persona Development

“Persona” in marketing refers to understanding your “ideal” client — what they need and desire from your service. Everything about them, down to their deepest, darkest secrets, provides insight into the marketing message they want to hear.

Audience and persona development are only step one. Once we meet with subject matter experts at your organization to identify your audiences’ pain points, challenges and unmet needs, then the real work begins.

Persona Development Only Brings You Part Way…

Content marketing can be your company’s greatest asset in building and engaging your future and current customers. The more you connect with and understand your audience, the more long-term success you will have. It’s not a quick process, but if done right, it will benefit your business, brand and customers — and ultimately bring you success.

Understanding your target audience is great, but it doesn’t tell you what to say to create converting, loyal customers, nor does it tell you the ways your audience prefers to receive information. With research and dedication, we can identify which channels are appropriate to reach your audience. Then we can develop a strategy with messaging specifically tailored to your target audience.

Ultimately audience and persona development lead to a long road of content creation that most marketing agencies frankly can’t or won’t do. We take time to become experts in your industry and grasp your business, audience and your unique value. With a variety and resources and skills at our fingertips, once we understand your audience, then maximizing impact and growth become possible.

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