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So You Think You’re a Thought Leader?

Are you sure?

Let’s start with the basics: What is thought leadership and what does it accomplish?

First, and it seems intuitive, all thought leadership marketing does is leverage your voice as an authority in your industry. BUT THIS is everything. THIS is ultimately what makes current and prospective clients trust you. And trust leads to sales and customer loyalty, which leads to that gold-plated jacuzzi in your vacation home in the Bahamas.

We’ve Got Your Back

Seriously, when you brand yourself as a novel resource, then you’ll get people listening and wanting more. Honestly, if you’re not a thought leader, then no one will listen. You’ll be like the new kid in school. No one knows you. No one likes you. You can’t find a place to sit at lunch, so you retreat to the bathroom to cry alone.

It takes time to stand out in a good way. It’s a long-term strategy. Maybe you were a dork in high school, but as you grew up, you became increasingly good-looking and successful. That’s thought leadership. You have to work your way up the ladder.

Thought Leadership as a Strategy

From a marketing perspective, thought leadership strategy entails ongoing content marketing and brand and messaging refinement. When your branding is strong, then thought leadership is the drive behind every content offering, whether it’s a blog post, white paper, social post, etc. When you’re a thought leader, customers want to hear what you have to say. That’s why it’s laughable when companies pay someone overseas 2 cents a word to write a blog. What good does that do? How could that messaging align with your brand? How does that make you look like the smartest person in your industry?

We work with companies to bring innovative ideas, challenge the status quo and evaluate marketing options to leverage them as thought leaders. We offer a balanced approach to marketing through data analysis and creative thinking, and we tailor our engagements to each company according to its goals and requirements.

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