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Why SEO Services Are Crucial

For some time now, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a crucial element of any digital marketing success. If people can’t find your site, there’s no way you’re going to make sales. However, because Google’s algorithm for ranking sites is constantly evolving and the metrics to measure “good” are hard to pin down, it leaves many wondering what a good SEO company really does.

Good SEO vs. Bad SEO

Before we get into that, let’s cover what SEO really is. SEO is a practice that involves a variety of nuanced approaches to make your site rank high (on the first page) on Google. Some SEO companies (not ours) will utilize black-hat SEO strategies that are designed to make your site rank fast. The trouble here is that if you get caught using these tactics, Google will penalize your site (rank it lower or outright delist it). In some cases, companies are not able to recover from a black-hat penalization and they’re forced to relaunch a completely new site.

What an SEO Company Does

Like we mentioned above, Google has an algorithm for determining which sites rank high. There are more than 200 factors that go into this score, but the ones that matter the most are:

  • Your website is secure
  • Your website is mobile friendly
  • Your site pages load fast
  • The quality of your content
  • Presence on social channels
  • Presence of quality backlinks
  • Your third-party reviews
  • Whether or not your imagery is optimized


…all things that make your website a good/better/best option as a search result.

When you sign on with a “good” SEO company, they will restructure your website from HTTP to HTTPS to make it secure. They’ll also fix any site errors that interrupt user experience and speed. And, they’ll go through your content with a fine-tooth comb, which includes teasing out conversion rates and make suggestions that improve the content for clarity and implement specific high-ranking keywords. Third party sites also factor into your site’s SEO, so your SEO partner should recommend amplifying up your social presence, incentivizing reviews and guest blogging on relevant sites.

All in all, understanding what goes into a solid SEO strategy is easy enough to understand, but it takes a dedicated, detail-oriented team to implement one effectively. At Access Marketing Company, we’re a full-service agency stacked with killer content writers, digital marketers and web developers. We can revamp your site and marketing strategy to drive quality organic traffic to your site. To learn more about working with the best SEO company ever, contact us today.

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