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Building Offense for a Digital Fortress

Project at a Glance

Never be concerned about your website content unless you’re executing marketing to drive traffic to it … then be very concerned.

In essence, digital marketing builds bridges to your website which would otherwise be an island.  If your bridges don’t bring traffic, or worse, the traffic doesn’t turn into revenue, it’s time to make some repairs.

The diagnosis for underperformance included lack of customer-focused content in the website and a similar absence from outbound campaigns.  Prioritizing facility data that prospects are looking for and making content location-specific doubled conversions while overhauled digital marketing tripled lead generation month over month.

31.38% decrease

In Cost Per Lead

Over 15% decrease

In bounce rate

Over 350% increase

in CTRs

10% increase

in time spent on site

Digital Fortress Sales Tool

Five questions Digital Fortress recommends every data center customer ask their provider.

Digital Fortress North Seattle Landing Page

Digital Fortress North Seattle LP …

Digital Fortress Portland Connectivity Hub Sales Sheet

Digital Fortress Portland Connectivity Hub Sales Sheet …

Digital Fortress Tukwila Location

Digital Fortress Tukwila landing page optimized for search and advertising conversions.

Digital Fortress Seattle Location

Location specific landing page exhibits core features and unique attributes of the Digital Fortress data center inventory.

It’s amazing what the right messaging can do.

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