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This is how you bolster your best-in-class business services and engage your current and potential partners.

Project at a Glance

A household name in online payments, PayPal wanted to develop content to bolster its best-in-class business services and engage its current and potential partners..

Access Marketing Company collaborated with PayPal to create an entire content library of promo sheets, presentations, white papers, success stories and more. Now PayPal uses this content to engage and attract companies in need of ecommerce payment solutions.

An engagement that initially included just two eBooks and a case study blossomed into one that produced a handful of multi-channel assets for every stage of the PayPal marketing funnel. 

31.38% decrease

In Cost Per Lead

Over 15% decrease

In bounce rate

Over 350% increase

in CTRs

10% increase

in time spent on site

PayPal Sales Content

As you might imagine, PayPal has a GIGANTIC sales force that requires a ton of content to promote and educate about the world’s most powerful payment processor.  Content spanned all business solutions to aid the sales team at every stage of the customer conversation.

PayPal Partner eBook

Our content development work with PayPal also extended into the realm of market education. When the payment processing giant revamped their partner marketing unit, we were tasked with building a library of educational content for potential partners to explain the real-world impact and value of a payments partner like PayPal.

PayPal Merchant eBook

The eBook format was fantastic for delivering dense information to merchant entrepreneurs who are busy running and growing their businesses.

PayPal Case Study

Case studies, like these for Magento and Xero Shoes, were crucial elements of social proof in PayPal’s partner marketing content library.

PayPal BiB

If you ever find yourself in this dilemma, “I have this great new product, but I need some way to simplify and standardize how my team sells it to customers,” please know that you’re not alone. That’s exactly the issue PayPal was facing when they came to us with the idea for this toolkit, an internal guide for reps to use when educating customers on the Business in a Box product. Our creatives took what could’ve resulted in the production of a run-of-the-mill battlecard and morphed it into an interactive customer service experience.

After a rigorous process of concept ideation, audience analysis and messaging refinement, we leveraged a unique Active Content approach to develop a variety of eBooks, infographics and data sheets.

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