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May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You

Posted 05.04.15

May the 4th Be With You Alright, you caught us – we’re Death Star-sized Star Wars fans at Access Marketing Company. All the computers on our network are named after Jedi masters, starships, wookies, and other signs of high-level Star Wars geekdom. The team is unbelievably stoked for the first live-action Star Wars movie in…

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Marvel Studios Marketing

Marvel Studios Marketing: What Can You Learn?

Posted 05.01.15

The biggest blockbuster of the summer, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, earned over $200 million overseas before its domestic release. While sequels to successful films are bound to gather interest, Mavel’s marketing efforts also played a big factor here. When it comes to marketing and transforming its properties, the studio is a major powerhouse. Consistently…

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Marketing Micro-Moments

Taking Advantage of Marketing Micro-Moments

Posted 04.30.15

Mobilegeddon has come and gone, the Apple Watch is out, and it seems as if the planet’s most timely, relevant, and pertinent content is being tailor-fit for smaller and smaller screens – available to us at every micro-moment that makes up our day. Smaller screens and smaller moments mean bite-sized opportunities for businesses to engage…

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eye tracking technology improves website usability graphic

Eye Tracking Technology Improves Website Usability

Posted 04.29.15

Highlights from the SearchCon Presentation: Navigating the Cross-Device (Mobile) Dilemma Eye tracking technology is one of the hottest trends right now – it helps in the diagnosis of autism, the control of television sets and other electronic household items, and marketing research. This cutting-edge neuro-technology is used by marketers to take a record of a…

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Improving Customer Experience

Throwing Money Away with a Lousy Customer Experience

Posted 04.28.15

User Wishes vs. Commitment to Process: Listen to Your Customer! An every-day issue at our office has illustrated something everyone working with clients should remember: above all else, listen to your customer. Unfortunately, too many clients and companies we know of make the mistake of not doing this all the time. While it may seem…

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Marketing Basics

Marketing Basics: Lessons From a 7th Grader

Posted 04.27.15

Taking Your Kids to the World of Marketing I’m not going to lie. I was dreading “Take Your Kids to Work Day.” My kids are in middle school, so I was imagining this was just their way of getting out of going to class and having a fun day. I woke up in a panic…

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Apple Watch Email Photo

Apple Watch Email Marketing: Is Automation the Answer?

Posted 04.22.15

It’s hard not to be excited about the Apple Watch and similar devices. There will be plenty of new apps coming out, all of which could have space for advertisements. Do marketers and advertisers need to get a jump start on creating an Apple Watch strategy? That’s your call, but the device should certainly encourage…

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Mobilegeddon graphic

Can not having a mobile-friendly website hurt your rankings?

Posted 04.21.15

Mobilegeddon has arrived It’s all over tech news: the dreaded 04.21.15 deadline. Boot up your websites, call your developers, and cue the Jaws music: Mobilegeddon is here! In early February, Google announced the big change that starting April 21st, it will be launching a new algorithm favoring mobile-friendly websites. Want to gauge your website’s mobile-friendliness?…

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Habits for the Best Digital Marketing Plan - Wordpress

3 Habits for the Best Digital Marketing Plan

Posted 04.20.15

Summary of the SearchCon Presentation: Elevating Your Strategic Perspective This month, the top SEO minds in the region gathered at SearchCon 2015 to divulge the industry’s latest knowledge, trends and trade secrets. The big reveal? Content is king. Web search is evolving – both in the way search engines rank and index content and in…

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LinkedIn Profile Pics: Worth 1,000 Views, not Laughs

Posted 04.16.15

If you ever need a mental health break – and a good hearty belly laugh – just take some time to peruse profile photos on LinkedIn. No one’s expecting you to be the most photogenic person on the web, but some profiles really need some tender loving care. You’ll see the gambit of Glamour Shots,…

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