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Meet Josh, Our Amazing Copywriter

Posted 10.29.15

Originally from the boondocks of Ohio, an early interest in writing and reading pushed Josh Ellerbrock into newspaper work – reporting in small towns around the nation, interviewing 100-year-old ladies, interpreting bumbling mayors and befriending entrenched locals. He eventually found his way to Colorado after a sideways career jump in content marketing.     Fun…

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How to Unmask the Monster Among the Marketers

Posted 10.28.15

Not all things that bump in the night hide in the dark. Some monsters hide behind pretty branding and marketing lingo. When looking for a virtual marketing agency, it’s a business’s responsibility to identify those monsters. You don’t want ghouls and goblins to muck-up your marketing funnel machinery. So how can you pull an efficient Scooby-Doo-style…

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The In-House vs. Agency Marketing Dilemma 

Posted 10.23.15

For startups today, great marketing is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. What may have once been seen as a clever tactic for getting more face-time with potential customers is now essential to building, sustaining and enhancing business. This presents the question: where do you go for great marketing – do you…

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Welcome to the Internet of Things!

Posted 10.21.15

What if in the future we could predict the most unpredictable elements in life — like knowing if water is about to leak into your basement or if an area is at risk of a forest fire? Well, believe it or not, that day is getting closer, and you have the power to influence the…

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Meet Jonny, Our “Graphic Designer Superstar”

Posted 10.07.15

Today, we’d like to introduce one of our talented graphic designers – Jonny Schaab. Jonny plays a big role in our graphic design department here at Access Marketing Company, providing his technical know-how and artistic creativity for email and content design, video production and photography. Jonny had a chance to tell us a little more…

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Athlete Endorsements: Why Are They so Popular?

Posted 08.18.15

When the NBA playoffs are full speed ahead, you can expect big stars like LeBron James and James Harden to gather plenty of media attention. These are big-time athletes that bring in big-time ratings. As they bring in the big ratings, you can expect ESPN and TNT to be happy customers. Companies caught on to…

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“Drafting” the Right Marketing Content Strategy

Posted 08.11.15

Teams that “muff the punt” on NFL draft day will lack the talent they need to compete for years. The same can be said for companies that are “drafting” their content strategies. Pushing the wrong content can be as devastating for a company as drafting Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning, so always work to stay…

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Google Rebrands Itself as Alphabet

Posted 08.10.15

In a move that came from a few meters past left field, Google has re-positioned its entire corporate structure under an entirely new name. In a nutshell, Google will be renamed “Alphabet”, and all of the Internet company’s many other business experiments and services will belong under the super-masthead. This poses an interesting question for…

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‘The Main Event’ of Marketing: Strategy

Posted 08.04.15

Gone are the days of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Mike Tyson – boxers who were as universally recognizable as McDonalds. We’ve heard it a million times today: the lack of high-profile athletes like these three is why boxing isn’t as popular as it once was. Enter Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Months…

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