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AMC is Proud to Support Mission 22

Posted 05.26.16

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s important to remember the great many sacrifices our veterans and their families have made – and continue to make – to serve and defend our great nation. Sadly, when America’s finest and bravest come home, their experiences can have long-term effects. Countless veterans that return from tours struggle with post-traumatic…

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Putting People First in Your Marketing Technology

Posted 03.31.16

Are your tech-savvy approach to marketing and latest marketing software platform causing you to overlook the human connection? Established platforms and new marketing technologies have proven to be a boon for capturing and nurturing leads. But all too often, the features and functions of technologies like automation platforms and CRMs come before connecting empathetically with…

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Yes-Man Agency

Why the “Yes-Man” Agency Is Bad News for You

Posted 02.04.16

When justifying marketing spend, there is no excuse for a “yes” that really should be a “no”. “Yes-men” in the agency world are becoming increasingly common – and, if you’re not careful, they carry the potential to consume your budget and cripple your marketing program without getting results. Why would you want your agency to…

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CES 2016 and Marketing’s Trend Toward Granularity

Posted 01.08.16

Wearables, drones, cars, virtual reality and smart objects: it’s just a few of the new gadgets being shown at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which ran this last week. And while the biggest displays featured the latest gadgets that buyers can’t wait to get their hands on, plenty of marketers were exploring the show floor…

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Marketing in Technical Industries – Know How to Talk the Talk

Posted 01.04.16

While most marketers know marketing, they may not always know the intricacies of a technical industry, but in their marketing role, they’re often expected to. Whether in-house or a third-party agency setting, every company comes with particular topics and industry challenges that can test the limits of a marketer’s ability to develop knowledge. For example,…

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Marketing Wars: Triumphing Over the Dark Side

Posted 12.17.15

We’re as excited as anyone for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Our agency is filled with passionate fans of the franchise, and our desktops are all named after characters, planets, species and starships from the galaxy far, far away. And part of why we’re so drawn to the story is its classic…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Emails

Posted 12.14.15

From targeting the hottest year-end leads to tracking down the perfect ugly sweater, the holidays are a busy time for marketers – especially considering how much budget planning and next-year strategizing is going on among clients and potential clients. What better way to get some quick, unobtrusive face-time with customers during the holidays than a…

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